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    Friday 24th June 2011

    A good thing:

    Via UN Wire: Fewer child marriages have been recorded this wedding season in a region near Hyderabad, India, after government officials and UNICEF combined in less than two months to stop 400 such marriages between brides and grooms ranging in age from 12 to 18. The main deterrent has been the threat of considerable fines for parents, who are compelled to sign a bond saying they would not perform marriages before the legal ages of 18 and 21 for women and men, respectively.


    A bad thing:

    Four men died in flash floods while fishing and two people were crushed to death in northern Vietnam as a weakening storm approached from the Gulf of Tonkin. Another 11 fishermen were missing after storms in the Philippines.


    A thing to change:

    See post below.


Every day so many bad things happen in this world: people die of poverty, starvation, politics fails us and corruption damages.

But every day so many good things happen as well: breakthroughs in health, science and technology, governments committing to change and people having fabulous new ideas on how to see good occur.

What if we could take just one action a day, to fight the bad and/or help the good?

This blog aims to make us aware of a bad thing and a good thing that happens everyday. And, in addition, provide an avenue to do something in response. Every day a small action, to change things, to react and make a difference.